About Us

We’re a small team of conversion rate optimizers who help make online businesses more profitable.

David Crowther

My education was in Sports Management, but for some reason the whole idea of being able to design and code a page that could be accessed by anyone on the Internet excited me. (Yes, a bit sad I know …)

So after designing websites for friends and family, someone actually paid me to design their website. That was it, I was hooked and started my life as a freelance web designer.

Soon my interest turned to SEO (ah, how easy it was to influence the search engines back then), and from there to usability and user experience.

After moving to the United Kingdom and working as an Information Architect, I discovered A/B testing and multivariate testing which really opened my eyes. Here we were, all us experts, telling everyone how their website should look and what they should say and we had no idea if we were actually making a difference!

Testing changed that.

Now theories and hypotheses could be put to the test and that meant accountability which was a good thing as I started to work with clients that wanted measurable results.

Emils Vēveris

My education was in Finance and until then I didn’t have much experience with websites and marketing.

I then grew bored of the corporate world and was looking to escape, so naturally I turned to the internet.

This led me to launching Thrill Engine. I had absolutely no experience in business or building stuff online. I spent a lot of time picking up everything from scratch (everything from learning how to code in Ruby Rails to SEO … yes, I must have been crazy) and making almost every possible mistake you can make.

Eventually the project failed to make any money and I decided to fold it—but I wasn’t ready to give up completely. I buried myself in business and marketing books to figure out how to sell stuff better and prepare myself to start all over again.

I had a few AHA moments and shortly after I stumbled upon a blog post where the author asked his audience for ideas on how to improve sales for his online course. I sent him a few ideas and offered my help free of charge.

He jumped at the offer and I helped him with planning out his new project launch, which turned out be a success.

Later, he ended up hiring me for more work and calling me his ‘optimization’ consultant, which involved running A/B tests and making sure my suggestions resulted in better sales.

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